While equipment itself doesn’t create great sound, having industry-standard tools definitely helps. My gear is constantly evolving as I add pieces to best serve the needs of my clients.


• Zaxcom Nomad 10-input mixer/recorder with timecode generator
• Zaxcom FP8 Fader Panel for Nomad
• Zaxcom Maxx 6-channel mixer/recorder with timecode generator
• Sound Devices MixPre 2-channel mixer


5 Wireless Mic Kits:
• 3x Lectrosonics 211 wireless systems (bodypack transmitter and receiver)
• Lectrosonics wireless transmitter plug for handheld microphones
• Zaxcom QRX100 dual channel wireless receiver
• 2x Zaxcom TRX900LA bodypack transmitter with internal backup timecode-locked audio recording
• Zaxcom MicPlexer 2 antenna distribution amplifier

IFB/camera hops/timecode lockit boxes:
• Comtek Package with 1x Comtek M-216 transmitter and 2x Comtek PR216 receivers with headphones
• Zaxcom IFB100 IFB transmitter/remote
• 2x Zaxcom ERX2TCD digital receivers. Each unit can be used as a timecode lockit box/wireless audio hop for camera or as a personal IFB


• Sennheiser Mkh-416 shotgun microphone w/shockmount, furry, blimp
• Sennheiser Mkh-50 super cardioid microphone w/shockmount, furry
• Electro-Voice RE50b dynamic handheld interview mic w/flag
• Aperture Deity shotgun microphone
• Shure SM57 dynamic mic
• Hand-wired large diaphragm condenser microphone (voice over)
• Sanken COS-11D, Countryman B6, Tram TR-50, and OST TL40 lavaliers

Everything Else

• K-Tek 13′ internally-cabled graphite boom pole
• K-Tek 9′ internally-cabled graphite boom pole
• Orca OR-48 Sound Cart
• Rock N Roller R8 Sound Cart
• Portable VO setup with mic stands, CAD reflection filter, client headphones, and pop filter
• Battery distribution system w/NP-1 batteries
• Sony MDR-7506 headphones
• Sennheiser/Sony headphones for IFB systems
• All of the audio/timecode cables I need to connect to almost any camera (seriously, dude)
• K-Tek Stingray mixer bags w/harnesses
• Pelican cases for travel
• Matthews Century C Stand w/sandbag