I’m extremely proud of the work and experiences this career has afforded me. I specialize in documentary, commercial, and live broadcast work and am always up for a challenge. My audio has appeared on: Comedy Central, MTV, HBO, Hulu, TruTV, Netflix, TLC, Esquire Network, A&E, Ora, Fusion, and Logo, as well as on many national ad campaigns and wide-reaching web projects.

Selected work:

Mixer – Larry King Now/PoliticKing with Larry King (Broadcast. Prod: Ora.TV. 2014-2018.)
Mixer – Getting Doug With High (Broadcast. Prod: JASH/VPN. 2015-2018.)
Mixer – Dirty Money (Documentary Series. Prod: Netflix. 2018.)
Mixer – The Women of Jonestown (Documentary. Prod: A&E. 2018.)
Mixer – Macklemore/Ke$ha Tour Announcement Video (Commercial. Prod: Bendo. 2017.)
Mixer – Under the Net VR Documentary (Documentary. Prod: UNHCR. 2017.)
Mixer – Vice on HBO (Season 3/4 segments) (Documentary/ENG. Prod: HBO/Vice. 2014-2017.)
Mixer – Norm Macdonald Live (Broadcast. Prod: JASH/VPN. 2016-2017.)
Mixer – Yamaha North America Campaigns (Commercial. Prod: Braund Studios. 2017-2018.)
Mixer – Nobel Perspectives (Documentary. Prod: UBS. 2017.)
Mixer – Tacita Dean Installation (Art. Prod: Marian Goodman Gallery. 2017.)
Mixer – MVMT Watch Holiday Campaign (Commercial. Prod: Broadway Video. 2017.)
Mixer – Ralph Lauren Fall 2017 Campaign (Commercial. Prod: Consulate NYC. 2017.)
Mixer – Louis Vuitton: Promise 12 (Commercial. Prod: AND Production. 2017.)
Mixer – Impractical Jokers Block Party (Reality. Prod: Big Riot Creative. 2017.)
Mixer – Stephen Tobolowski Live (Broadcast. Prod: Valentina Vee. 2017.)
Mixer – Old Navy: Fall Back to School Campaign (Commercial. Prod: North Six. 2017.)
Mixer – A Woman, A Part (Narrative Feature. Prod: Speculative Pictures. 2016.)
Mixer – Sundance TV: The Road Ahead (Broadcast. Prod: Broadway Video. 2016.)
Mixer – Google April Fools: YouTube Unveils SnoopaVision (Commercial. Prod: Portal A. 2016.)
Mixer – Ride Along 2 Sunday Night Football Promo (Commercial. Prod: Universal/Framework. 2016.)
Mixer – Nerdist Beta Launch Week (Broadcast. Prod: Nerdist. 2016.)
Mixer – Old Navy Tees Campaign (Commercial. Prod: 6Underground. 2016.)
Mixer – TV Features (Broadcast. Prod: Sypher. 2015-2017.)
Mixer – YouTube Superbowl AdBlitz (Commercial. Prod: YouTube/Portal A. 2016.)
Mixer – Lost Hills Found (Documentary. Dir: Doug Pray. 2015-2016.)
Mixer – Apple Beats 1 Launch Campaign (Commercial. Prod: The Uprising Creative/Apple. 2015.)
Mixer – Unsung Series (Yukon/Tucson shoots) (Documentary. Prod: Hover/Shell Rotella. 2015.)
Mixer – Scarlett Johansson, Barry Manilow & Jimmy Kimmel (RED) Shopathon Jingle (Commercial. Prod: HaChaCha. 2015.)
Mixer – VH1: Hit the Floor promos/ads (Commercial. Prod: VH1/Sean Willis Creative. 2015.)
Mixer – Lenovo/Matt Santero Water Facts (Commercial. Prod: Portal A. 2015.)
Mixer – UBS: Nobel Perspectives (Documentary. Prod: Instant Waves Media. 2015.)
Mixer – Imagine Dragons: Destination Unknown (iHeartRadio x Hyundai) (Commercial. Prod: No Mimes Media. 2015.)
Mixer – Emoji Academy w/Norm Macdonald (Commercial. Prod: Chevrolet/Mustache. 2015.)
Mixer – BT Sport – LA Galaxy segments (Sports. Prod: BT Sport UK. 2015.)
Mixer – Dolce & Gabbana Spring Campaign (Commercial. 2015.)
Mixer – Untitled Documentary (Documentary. Dir: Tracy Droz Tragos. 2014-2015.)
Mixer – Most Expensivest Shit (Season 2) (Reality. Prod: GQ/Mustache. 2015.)
Mixer – We Made It (Jennifer Garner x Joann Fabrics) (Commercial. Prod: Lockbox. 2015.)
Mixer – Mars 100 (Documentary. Prod: Stateless Media/AOL/Engadget. 2015.)
Mixer – Sportslock – Be The Goat (Commercial. Prod: Uprising Creative. 2015.)
Mixer – Nick Vujicic: Born Without Limbs (Segments) (Documentary/Reality. Prod: TLC/Sypher Entertainment. 2015.)
Mixer – LG: Seriously Professional (Commercial. Prod: Good Engine Media. 2015.)
Mixer – A$AP Rocky: Magnum Opus (segments) (Documentary. Prod: Complex. 2015.)
Mixer – Neutrogena Kristen Bell Campaign (Commercial. Prod: Mustache. 2015.)
Mixer – Just Dance 2 – Moms/Grandparents/Dads Just Dance (Commercial. Prod: Portal A. 2015.)
Mixer – Rebel With a Cause: The Sam Simon Story (Documentary. Prod: Fusion/Wayfarer Entertainment. 2015)
Mixer – Hotwives of Las Vegas (promos/intros) (Reality. Prod: Hulu. 2015.)
Mixer – Neutrogena Dulce Candy Campaign (Commercial. Prod: Mustache. 2015.)
Mixer – Lammily Doll – Da Period Talk (Commercial. Dir: Tony Yacenda. Prod: Steel Wool. 2015.)
Mixer – Zuora London Campaign (Commercial. Prod: Butchershop Creative. 2014.)
Mixer – We The Economy (Documentary. Dir: Adrian Grenier. Prod: Reckless Media. 2014.)
Mixer – The Unfollowers (Documentary. Dir: Ivan Olita. Prod: Farfetch/BRAVO. 2014-2016.)
Mixer – BAFTA LA Britannia Awards Interviews (Commercial. Prod: BAFTA LA. 2014.)
Mixer – Eastsiders (Season 2) (Series. Dir: Kit Williamson. Prod: Go Team/Logo TV/Vimeo On Demand. 2014.)
Mixer – Johnson & Johnson: See The Real Me VMA Campaign (Commercial. Prod: Portal A. 2014.)
Mixer – Descent (Commercial. Dir: K-Michael Parandi. 2014.)
Mixer – The Carbonaro Effect (promos) (Reality. EP: Brian Raider. Prod: Fields Entertainment. TruTV. 2014.)
Mixer – Nintendo @ E3 (Commercial. Prod: Special Order/Nintendo. 2014.)
Mixer – Hulu “Don’t Wait” Campaign (Commercial. Dir: Ben Peyser. Prod: Hulu. 2014.)
Mixer – American Viral (Web Series. Dir: AnnaRose King, Starring: Michael Showalter. Prod: SnagFilms/Thundershorts. 2014.)
Mixer – Gabe and Max Need Help (Web Series. Dir: Dean Fleischer-Camp. Starring: Kumail Nanjiani. Prod: SnagFilms/Thundershorts. 2014.)
Mixer – “What’s Your Cause?” Campaign (PSA. Prod: Artists & Athletes Alliance. 2014.)
Mixer – Five Four Club (Commercial. Dir: Mark Totte. 2014.)
Mixer – Unnatural (Feature. Dir: Hank Braxton. Prod: August Heart. 2014.)
Mixer – Gear (Short. Dir: Kevin R. Adams, Joe Ksander. 2014.)
Mixer – The Impression Guys (Web Series. Prod: SoulPancake. 2014.)
Mixer – All The Marbles (Feature. Dir: Mike Swingler. 2014.)
Mixer – BPOV (Web Series. Starring: Jaleel White. Dir: Mark Totte. Prod: Urban Hombre Media. 2014.)
Mixer – Untitled Skins Documentary (Documentary. Dir: Jorge Torres-Torres/Adrian Grenier. Prod: Reckless. 2013-2014.)
Mixer – BAFTA Behind Closed Doors Series (Live Show. Prod: BAFTA. 2013-2014.)
Mixer – Unleashed (Reality. Prod: MSN. 2013.)
Mixer – Brody Stevens: Enjoy It! (Season 2) (Reality. Dir: Dean Fleischer-Camp. Prod: Comedy Central/Funny or Die. 2013.)
Mixer – Various Warner Horizon Reality Pilots (Reality. Prod: Warner Horizon/Mike Fleiss. 2013.)
Mixer – Aeropostale Winter 2013 Campaign (Commercial. Prod: Lockbox Productions. 2013.)
Mixer – Tim Heidecker Album Release (Live Webcast. Prod: JASH/Video Podcast Network. 2013.)
Mixer – Cockroaches (Indie Feature. Dir: Christopher Aldell. 2013.)
Boom Operator – Redeemed (Feature. Dir: David A.R. White. Prod: Pure Flix. 2013.)
Mixer – Savage Sisters (Horror Short. Dir: Dan Smith: Prod: Eyesore. 2013.)
Mixer – We Are Brain (Short. Dir: Schuyler Wilson. 2013.)
Mixer – Weekend Fix (Pilot) (Reality. Prod: Big Easy/Esquire TV. 2013.)
Mixer – Poppin’ Boba (Music Video. Dir: Fung Brothers. 2013.)
Mixer – You Make Me Feel So Young (Feature. Dir: Zach Weintraub. Prod: Newhard Productions. 2012.)
Mixer – Washington State Department of Health Media (PSAs/Corporate. Prod: WADOH. 2012.)
Remote Recordist – NPR (Radio. Prod: NPR/KUOW. 2011-2012.)